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Leaking, rusted, and blocked gutters can cause damage to you house, to your health and look unsightly. If you gutters are supplying your drinking water it is in your best interest to keep them clean and functioning as they should. By installing gutter guard, leaf eaters and mozzie proof screens to you gutters downpipes and water tanks will reduce the risk of mosquito and debris infestation to your water tank, gutters and down pipes. We can also provide you with services such as gutter cleaning, gutter guard installation, leaf eater installation gutters resealed, gutters replaced or renewed and down pipe drops replaced. If you were exposed to the elements 24/7 all you life you would require attention occasionally too. Roofs in Australia are subject to some of the harshest conditions in the world. We can also install whirly birds, replace or install lazer lite (poly carbonate) roof sheets, repair and replace flashings, repair and replace ridge and barge capping.


Blockages can happen to anyone at any time. Blockages are addressed with urgency so you can resume your day to day life and not put up with bad odours or unsanitary conditions. The Plumbing Way employs modern technology such as high water pressure jetting machine and cctv drain camera inspection to clear and diagnose the cause of the blockage, so it can be remedied and leave you with peace of mind. Blockages can include, sewers, stormwater, kitchen, bathroom and laundry drains, blocked toilets. Water leaks can be present without you even knowing. Council will inform you if you have an unusually high usage within you last quarter, and if nothing is different in your day to day living there is probably a water leak. Using the latest leak detection equipment your leak can be found and repaired quickly, saving you water and money.


Plumbing fixtures need maintenance from time to time. Whether it be a matter of replacing tap washers or replacing a perished plastic toilet cistern; using quality products, The Plumbing Way can give your fixtures new life or extend the life of them. If you have a problem with leaking taps or flick mixers, leaking toilets, spraying shower roses, leaking drains, smell in the bathroom or water hammer – we can help. Renovating, selling or rejuvenating…??? Modernise your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry by replacing your old taps with a new flick mixer that suits your style and budget. We can also install a dishwasher, adding a new outside tap, getting water to your new fridge, changing your old taps to a flick mixer or renovate your bathrooms, kitchen or laundry.


If you are looking for a gas plumber or gas fitter to install or upgrade a gas stove, cook top, space heater , need a new gas line installed, hot water unit replaced or convert from electric hot water to gas hot water The Plumbing Ways, qualified gas fitting services have you covered!

Residential Service


If you have a seriously clogged drain, you should call for drain cleaning services. We not only remove nasty clogs but also install new drains when necessary, as part of the solution to the problem of a clogged drain. With our drain cleaning services, we can prevent problems recurring in the future.


Because the sink you choose for your house is personal, it is important to get not only one in a style that suits you but also a sink model that is long lasting and expertly installed. We have the experience to assure your sink is installed with attention to detail. We can make recommendations as to the best manufacturers with our superior industry knowledge, and we’ll complete the process from start to finish, removing the old sink and installing the new one, including faucets and garbage disposals.


Generally speaking, sewer repair is needed for older sewer lines because, unless there is some sort of accident, sewer line damage occurs over time as the result of aging. Roots can grow through cracked lines, blocking and destroying pipes. Sewer line cleaning for root removal is often only a temporary solution, and with older pipes, may actually destroy the corroded pipe.

Because sewer repair may not be an option for these older pipes, sewer installation is the next step. We offer complete solutions for sewer needs, including entire sewer installation. We aim to offer fast, dependable service with minimal disruption to your residence or commercial business.

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